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I Love Lithuania Social Group Closing - March 13, 2018

Announcement - This social networking group, I Love Lithuania will cease operations as of March 13, 2018.

A special note from founder Marina F.:

Labas my friends, after nearly nine years I've decided to close this social group. Just dealing with the cost, the work and a few invasive members has helped make my decision. I've contacted…


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100 Years of Lithuanian Independence

Vilnius, Lithuania

February 16, 2018 was a day of commemoration of the "Centennial of the Restored State of Lithuania"... all across Lithuania, particularly in the capital city Vilnius, Lithuanians gathered in the cold rain to celebrate with many events. In Vilnius the events…


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The Amber, by Barbara Chepaitis

    It’s Father’s Day, and my father gave me a strange and wonderful heritage - the rich and somewhat mysterious traditions of Lithuania.  

    Because of him, I spent much of my life explaining that I’m not Lutheran.  I’m Lithuanian. …

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Welcome Lithuania to the Euro!

Hello Euro, Farewell Litas...

  • To get a glimpse of the new Lithuanian euro, see the Coin Designs page from the Bank of Lithuania:…

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24 Days of a Baltic Christmas

Catch up with the 24 Days

Take a look at the wonderfully colorful and information-packed blog series from Liene K, the 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas. Today on Christmas Eve, the last day of the 24 days, we're…


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My Very Lithuanian Christmas (reposted)

Editor's note: This delightful article was submitted last year by Saulenė, an I Love Lithuania member from Vilnius.The article explains the 12 Dishes of Christmas, a long-standing Lithuanian tradition, and goes on to describe Christmas games that are also tradition. Click the links to read descriptions of certain dishes. Enjoy!

By Saulenė…


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