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Just beginning this search

Only my great grand parents were Lithuanian but their photos always captivated by attention. I definitely will be perusing this blog, but what does it mean to be Lithuanian? It is part of me so I hoped you guys who know so much more than I could help me answer that question.

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The Amber, by Barbara Chepaitis

    It’s Father’s Day, and my father gave me a strange and wonderful heritage - the rich and somewhat mysterious traditions of Lithuania.  

    Because of him, I spent much of my life explaining that I’m not Lutheran.  I’m Lithuanian. …

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Welcome Lithuania to the Euro!

Hello Euro, Farewell Litas...

  • To get a glimpse of the new Lithuanian euro, see the Coin Designs page from the Bank of Lithuania:…

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24 Days of a Baltic Christmas

Catch up with the 24 Days

Take a look at the wonderfully colorful and information-packed blog series from Liene K, the 24 Days of a Baltic Christmas. Today on Christmas Eve, the last day of the 24 days, we're…


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My Very Lithuanian Christmas (reposted)

Editor's note: This delightful article was submitted last year by Saulenė, an I Love Lithuania member from Vilnius.The article explains the 12 Dishes of Christmas, a long-standing Lithuanian tradition, and goes on to describe Christmas games that are also tradition. Click the links to read descriptions of certain dishes. Enjoy!

By Saulenė…


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trip to kaunas,palanga,vilnius area

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to a few well known areas in Lithuania and couldn't of enjoyed ourselves

more. My wife has no roots to the country and loved the Vilnius area and all we saw. We had  great guides and driver

who moved us along(sometimes too quickly) to sites of interest. We watched a sunset in Palanga , saw the Hill of Crosses and the holiday at the sighting of the Virgin Mary the name escapes me ,but believe it was Salisuite area

(pardon my…


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Say Labas Podcast - Lithuanian :)

Say Labas Podcast


The Say Labas Show encourages you to Say Labas, learn a little bit about Lithuania, its people and its traditions. (Which are not only weird…


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Vilnius Street Performers in the News

Vera Primavera Rockin' with Aerosmith

After weeks of stress with the crisis in Ukraine and the nation's Presidential elections, Lithuania's capital city Vilnius finally found a few moments of peace... or at least "15 minutes of fame". Two young women street performers, aka Vera Primavera, were joined by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in an impromptu rendition of Crazy in Vilnius' Old Town near the Presidential palace. The two women were invited…


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11 March - Lithuanian Independence Day

We remember the day of independence, the struggle to get there, and how this spirit lives on. Lietuva visiems!


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Remembering 13 January 1991

Reflection at the TV Tower Memorial

On January 13th of this year, the BBC World Service published an article on the BBC website featuring an interview with one of the demonstrators and actual sounds of what happened that day in 1991.

Listen to the BBC World Service article here.

I've heard the story from my Vilnius friends and acquaintances, about that day and the…


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Land of Songs, the legacy of Lithuanian grandmothers

Have you heard about the new documentary film Land of Songs?

This endearing story of the singing grandmothers from Lithuania's Land of Songs region is a project by Lithuanian-American Aldona Watts (Director /Producer) and her brother Julian Watts (Director of Photography/Producer). This documentary film has…


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Kaziuko Muge 2013!

A very fun slideshow showing the foods, crafts and wonder from this year's Kaziuko Muge. This annual folk arts and crafts fair is nothing short of amazing! With thanks to I LOVE LITHUANIA member Vincas Karnilas.

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Friendship & real relationship

Dear Lithuanian Friends

I am really interested to make friends for long time who have a deep attraction to Bangladesh and its people, culture and tradition. Specially, I need friends who are writers, Lithuanian language teachers,poets, film makers and eager to visit my country in near future. Anybody interested can write me to: soon.

Waiting for reply from real friends and who need longlasting friends to deepen relationship and real…


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Lemon Joy Performs TONIGHT in Denver, Colorado!

WHAT:      Lemon Joy concert  (…


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Lithuania in the news

Lithuania in crisis over who should form next government

By Mindaugus Kulbis 

VILNIUS (Associated Press) - Lithuanian politics were in turmoil Monday after the president moved to block three opposition parties from forming a new government because one of them is accused of vote buying and fraudulent financing.

Go to article here

Vilnius attracts Anna…


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My heartfelt congratulations to Laura Asadauskaitė for her excellent performance in gaining a well deserved gold medal in the Women's modern pentathlon, leaving the British Samantha Murray with a commendable silver.

Also I'd like to add my applause to Ruta Meilutytė. Although she now lives in the south of England with her parents, I think she has shown where her heart lies. 


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Aš myliu Meilutytės! Ruta wins Olympic gold for Lithuania

myliu Meilutytės!

London 2012 Olympics - 15 year-old Ruta Meilutytės won Lithuania's first ever gold medal on Monday, July 30. Competing in the 100 metres breaststroke, she powered past the American Rebecca Soni and Japan's Satomi Suzuki, who won the silver and bronze medals,…


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Who Do You Think You Are? Lithuania and Latvia

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are, NBC's genealogy-based reality show, has finally come to the Baltics. The popular American TV show has profiled over a dozen famous actors; each digging into historic documents with the help of professional genealogists to find the journeys and origins of lost relatives. Last year Lisa Kudrow came to Poland on a quest to find family; this year Latvia and Lithuania have…


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Labas! An article about the Knights of Lithuania #144 was recently featured in VILNEWS! It provides the history of the national organization as well as, how our members are keeping the culture alive today in the USA! Please take that time to read the article. You won't be disappointed! Contact my daughter, Carol Luschas,…


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Marguciai Eggs on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW!

I am proud to announce that my daughter, Christine Luschas, will be demonstrating how to make traditional "marguciai" eggs on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW, Thursday, March 29 @ 10:00AM on the Hallmark Channel. I will be in the audience with my daughter, Carol. Don't miss it!…


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